vila guara a pousada

Kitesurfing in a magical spot.

Located 600 km west of Fortaleza, Atins serves as an end point for many legendary downwinders. Located in the Preguiças River Delta, the sinuous mouth of the river creates ever-changing sandbanks and deep lagoons. Along with their strong consistent winds, typical of these beaches, kiters find perfect conditions in this part of the world. But Atins has something else to offer!

Vila Guará is right at the entrance of the magical Lençóis

Maranhenses, a unique landscape that mixes white sand dunes with a rich supply of groundwater, in itself a truly extraordinary spectacle to be experienced, even more by the kite!

Between July and December, kiters will find the ideal conditions in Atins. During this period, the vast and sparsely populated beaches are attended by constant land winds of 15 to 30 knots.

Spot & Infrastructure

A platform dedicated to Kitesurfers with direct access to the beach / spot.

Vila Guará is literally on the sand beach and in a true paradise for kitesurfers looking for good winds, great comfort and wild nature.

Vila Guará is located in front of a huge lagoon, that represents essentially the mouth of the river Preguiças. The changing sandbanks provide warm and diverse water conditions, as well as sublime and fun. Perfect conditions for all levels of riders, from beginners to freestylers. If you like waves, simply sail to the ocean and enjoy the chop and waves there. And if you like more adventure, why not continue to leeward along the endless beaches of Lençóis Maranhenses?

Beach Bar


Kitesurf school




Vila Guará is the only one to provide its hosts with a fully integrated service, combining : a direct access to the spot, a Bar & Restaurant, a Kite Club – in partnership with AKB, Lockers, Massages, SUP…

Vila Guará has an integrated school and has chosen as partner the AKB school, Atins Kiteboarding

Atins Kiteboarding (AKB) is an IKO affiliated kite school. Private and semi-private lessons are taught by a team of IKO-certified instructors with international experience. AKB also offers downwinds, Stand Up Paddle tours, repair services, sale and rental of equipment, among others services. Lessons can be given in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish. The school works with anualy renewed equipment including radio communicators and safety gears.